CamoEyes Wholesale

Welcome to CamoEyes Wholesale! CamoEyes is a highly regarded Colored Contact Lens Brand & Retailer specializing in unique, beautiful, and crazy colored contact lenses. Now, through we’re providing the opportunity to sell our amazing brand, directly to your very own customers.

Wholesale Halloween Colored Contacts

Start browsing the most intense, uniquely magnificent Halloween Styles. With a high seasonal demand between August & October, you’re certainly want to be stocked with these. Ideal for Cosplay all year around and a epic addition to any costume.

Wholesale Natural Colored Contacts

Start browsing the most¬†beautiful, natural styled colored contact lenses. Let your customers change their look for a day, week or on a regular basis! CamoEyes will be adding new natural colored contacts to¬†our inventory soon, we’re looking at a full line over 100 natural styles to choose from.