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Why Buy Wholesale From CamoEyes?

Why would you carry CamoEyes Colored Contacts in your store? Many reasons, let me know explain 🙂

CamoEyes has been a highly recognized colored contact lens brand since day 1. Working with creative professionals around the world, your customers have most definitely  seen our lenses on their favorite artists, from Instagram, YouTube & other social platforms.

%100 Made In The USA
Recently we made significant progress not just re-locating to The USA, but we’ll have manufacturing set up by August 2017. That means, no more cheap, potentially dangerous lenses from overseas. No more waiting a week+ to be able and re-stock before the season crashes through your doors!

Prescription Lenses & Prescription Verification For Your Store, Coming Soon!
Prescription colored contacts, from CamoEyes are just around the corner. Plus a legal & safe method for you tell verify customers prescriptions in your store! (Coming Soon)
Prescription verification is the law in The USA and some other countries, if you’re interested in selling prescription colored contacts in your store without hardly 1oz of hassle, click here.

Hundreds Of New Styles  & Counting
With currently 200+ pairs available, we’re adding hundreds more, very soon. Including dozens of natural styles for the off-season.